Job Postings
    • City of Salinas Engineering Assistant (Posted 9/20/2017)

    City of Salinas Assistant Engineer 

    • City of Salinas Senior Engineer (Posted 7/12/2017)

    City of Salinas Senior Engineer

    • City of Salinas Junior Engineer (Posted 7/12/2017)

    City of Salinas Junior Engineer

    • City of Gilroy (Posted 5/02/2017)

    City of Gilroy Public Works Director

    • City of Carmel-by-the-Sea Environmental Compliance Manager (Posted 9/06/2016)

           Carmel-by-the-Sea Environmental Compliance

    • City of Seaside Senior Administrative Assistant (Posted 7/29/2016)

           City of Seaside Administrative Assistant 

    • Monterey Regional Waste Management District Site Maintenance Supervisor (Posted 7/26/2016)

           MRWMD Site Supervisor 

    • City of Lompoc Senior Civil Engineer (Posted 7/26/2016)

           City of Lompoc Senior Civil Engineer 

    • Wallace Group Assistant RE (Posted 7/26/2016)

           Wallace Assistant RE

    • /Wallace Group Transportation Engineer (Posted 7/26/2016)

           Wallace Transportation Engineer

    • /Wallace Group Senior Civil Engineer (Posted 5/23/2016)

    Wallace Group Senior Civil Engineer

    • Whitson Engineers Civil Engineer (Posted 5/16/16)

    WE Build Your Community

    Whitson Engineers Civil Engineer Project Manager

    • Staff Geotechnical Engineer CMAG Engineering (Posted 5/16/16)

    CMAG Engineering Staff Engineer

    • Scotts Valley Public Works Engineer (Posted 5/10/2016)

    Scotts Valley City Engineer


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